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Labels contain information about your products; it also helps grant visibility of the brand. These factors contribute a lot to customer behaviour.


What is the point of a good product without a perfect packaging or label?


LabelFactory is setup to help you sell your product. Are you still wondering how?


Well to us, it’s not just about printing labels because we know you always have options, but about ensuring that your labels are professionally printed.  We are positioned for the blind spot in label printing -these are those small qualities that the Industrial label printer won’t print. We are talking about professional digital label printing services.

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Our Observation:

As long as you don’t have that luxury of printing your labels in millions, the options out there are slim – very less durable, cumbersome and will never come in rolls. Thereby making you lose that flexibility of being able to use a label applicator (this helps to ensure your labels are properly applied without human error). Trust us, a properly printed label that’s perfectly applied also will sell you products home and abroad.

Printing Services

We offer the best Printing services in the district... Ranging from grayscale to coloured patterns.

Design Services

Conceptual designs at its peak is what we offer here at Label Factory... Choose us for efficient result.

What we can do?

Product label – Self Adhesive on PP white or transparent labels

Clothing labels

Product Labels
Poster & Envelops
Self Adhesive Clothing Label
Business Cards